Make a difference

Please help FDS to make a difference.
There are lots of people in need of help and support.
As a Not-for-Profit community organisation, Mentis Assist relies on the financial support of the State and Commonwealth Government, our corporate partners and the support of the community to help improve the future of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. 
Your donation will go towards providing extra resources and innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life and future opportunities for those seeking to become active members of the community.  You will be providing vulnerable people with hope for the future.

With Ride & Walk for Relief, we are committed to improving the quality of life of Australians who live with mental health challenges every day, by raising awareness and funds to support the significant issues.
Mental health in Australia has been through a significant shift in the last 50 years, with 20% of Australians experiencing one or more mental health episodes in their lifetimes. The 2020–2022 National Study of Mental Health and Wellbeing estimated that 8.5 million Australians aged 16 – 85 had experienced a mental illness at some time in their life (43% of the population).

Mental illness affects all Australians, either directly, for those who experience it or indirectly, such as family members, friends and carers. The study shows the most common mental illnesses in Australia in the 12 months prior to the study were anxiety disorders (3.4 million people), affective (or mood) disorders (1.5 million) and substance use disorders (650k).For Australia, Mental and substance use disorders were estimated to be responsible for 15% of the total burden of disease (years of healthy life lost due to poor health or non-fatal burden), placing it second as a broad disease group after Cancer (17%).In 2021, the estimated prevalence of depression or anxiety was highest among younger women and men (aged 15–34) at 22%, compared to 15% for people aged 55 and over. Since 2017, mental illness prevalence rates exceeded asthma, which had been the most common serious illness for this age group.In 2022, 8.9 Australians died every day by suicide. An unknown further number of Australians attempt suicide every year, with some estimates suggesting this figure may be over 65,000.These statistics are confronting; behind every number is a human life – families, friends and whole communities. It’s time to make a difference in these devastating numbers together.